a new begining

Carmen Making cakes with the help of her children

In the small rural village of Niquinomo 40 minutes from Managua Doña Carmen lives. A mother of 4 children.  she has been living with her partner for 15 years. They’ve never been married.  A few months ago Doña Carmen came to our office crying cause of the phisical and emotional abuse that she has been suffering by her parter. A friend of Carmen from the same locality where the CCDH office is located  advice her to come and visit us because there she would find support.

Once in our office Doña Carmen opened her heart to Fanny Quintanilla who is the coordinator of the House of Justice of this municipality. Doña Carmen shared how her partner repeatedly threw her out of the house and humiliated her because she did not have a job even when Carmen has given her life complete for her children and for her partner. Doña Carmen suffered infidelity and physical abuse to the point that she was losing her self-esteem, losing the faith and felt unworthy and came to the point thinking  that suffering all of this was normal. That a woman had to tolerate all these things.

Fanny advised Carmen in the word of God and mentored her about the laws that protect women. Through the multiple disciplines acquired by the coordinators of CCDH.  In this case Fanny who knows how to make cakes. She taught Doña Carmen this practice so Carmen started a business of baking bread and pastries Fanny our coordinator was able to support and empower Doña Carmen. Now there is no more fear to feel less than anybody else, she has now left behind the abusive relationship in which she lived.  She and her children now have a business, a new beginning. She currently lives in the House of her father who gave her a piece of land. CCDH assists not only with legal cases but also provides counseling according to the word of God. It is a Bridge where God can set free many people of the chains of ignorance just as Fanny helped Carmen by teaching her how to fish.


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