Today I Have my Own Farm

Cocoa pods on the tree

Lucía Salmerón Méndez was born in 1982 in Nazaret I, 70 km from the town of Bilwi, and she was one of the founders of the Production and Technology Transfer Centre in her community. As a child, she was sent out to sell corn tortillas and fruit, and learned early the value of hard work. Now, she and her husband have 4 children of their own.Through working with AMC’s Food Security program, she learned how to rotate crops, and how to plant some crops together to make better use of her land, and how to prepare organic fertilizers, compost and pesticides. Lucía now has her own farm, with rice, beans, corn, root crops, oranges, lemons, papaya, coconut, coffee and cocoa, and raises chickens, pigs, pelibuey and cows, with the help of her husband and kids.Apart from cocoa and coffee, she was also able to sell vegetables, and with the U$80 income bought flour, salt, sugar and school supplies for her kids. In the future, she plans to plant more cacao and coffee, because these products are in high demand from the visiting buyers. Some of her neighbours in the community have requested government help in establishing cacao and coffee production. Lucía hopes that her farm can be serve as an example and inspiration to other families.




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