‘Learning New Techniques’ in Los Garcias community

The following is the testimony of participant Martha Elena Angulo García in Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes de Nicaragua (ACJ)’s Climate Sensitive Agriculture program.los-garcia-2

I’ve always enjoyed having plants in my yard, and used to try to grow vegetables but without much success; they would wilt and not produce. I figured my soil wasn’t any good, or I just didn’t have a ‘green thumb’. I got discouraged when the animals would eat my plants. Then a year ago, I participated in a training with ACJ about how to grow vegetable garden, and they showed us pictures of how folks like me had done it in other communities where they work I agreed to give it another try, so the technical staff showed me how to prepare the earth for planting and how to use recycled materials like plastic bottles and other containers to plant in.      We constructed raised soil beds out of the way of the animals. I was worried about getting enough water for my plants, but the ACJ staff assured me that they wouldn’t need as much in the containers.

acj-los-garciaIt was very satisfying for me to find that I could harvest lots of vegetables like onion, cucumber, beets, peppers and tomato after all!    What’s more, our family can enjoy eating all our fresh produce without any nasty chemicals. I’ve also learned how to keep my own seeds for planting and I’m saving money because I don’t need to buy vegetables any more. My kids are learning right along with me, since they help me with our garden, and they like to make good use of our plastic garbage, because they learn about recycling at school. I’m grateful to God for giving me strength and perseverance, and I hope to continue learning about how to grow more healthy, tasty food in my garden.


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