We are seeing our dream come true

My name is Jenny and I am a leader of the community in Ochomogo. I would like to share the beginning of our experience with our water project.IMG_0931 (1) It has been a year since we requested the start of the well drilling. Out of the three wells that we originally had, only one well still has water. This one well has become the busiest place in the community every morning starting at 4am when women need water for food preparation to feed their families. This task not only it is up to women but also their children.
IMG_0925Often these children accompany their mothers and carry the water for long distances. Because of the long lines and the many people needing water it is not uncommon for you have to wait for the water to be renewed to be able to draw again.  We are a community of 75 families and there are several other communities around. There are women and children who have to carry water for over 500 meters, I mention all this because for me, for us, it is a joy that the drilling of the new well for the community has begun. Now the time the children used for hauling water, they will use to study.
I reflect and think about how much joy it gives me because I no longer have to drink water that is contaminated.IMG_0992 This new well will bring quality water for my family and the whole community. The new well will bring us peace of mind knowing that our children can drink it and not get sick because of the bacterias.
There were problems with the machinery when it got stuck in solid stone, and for 7 days the workers tried but they could not pierce through. We gathered to pray and surrounded the workplace, as we prayed that God would allow the machine to unclog and walked around the workplace 7 times. The next day drilling resumed,

I heard from the workers that the drill broke a water table and pumped up to 20 gallons of water o
ut per minute. It is a joy to see how this project is becoming a reality. Thank you to everybody who made this possible. The whole community celebrates !
IMG_0928 (1)


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