The field school has had a significant impact in my life

My name is Dina. I am 33, married, and we have two sons, ages 17 and 8.  In 2013, I became a member of the new Farmer Field School. I saw it as an opportunity to improve our plot of land AMCand make new plans for it. For me, the field school has been a place to innovate, experiment, and learn new things.I have participated in training on different agricultural topics and have experimented with planting new sAMC 2pecies of crops to observe how well they adapt. We will use the most promising crops to diversify our food supply.

The field school has had a significant impact in my life. My family has been able to share the work and we have made plans for the farm together. We now have a diversified farm where we can implement the techniques we are learning.  We also pass on our learning to our neighbors when they see the benefits these new techniques can have.We are able to consume what we grow and not depend on buying food in the market. My role in my family has also changed, now that I have taken on the responsibility of learning at the field school. I feel glad about this new opportunity, and I have many hopes for our family.


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