Justice has been done

Tania Chavarria is a 24 years old, single mom who lives in Matagalpa, one of the northern most mountain regions of the country. CCDH has a house of justice in this area. Tania Had to go there due to a legal issue with her ex-boss.

A year Ago she was in desperate need to find a job to take care of her family. She found a job in an auto part business, doing cleaning and maintenance. Her employer never provided a work contract to her, paying her cash the entire time. She is now being unjustly fired without receiving the government required severance package. She came to CCDH looking for assistance in holding her former employer to his obligations. During her time working for him, he routinely paid her half of the agreed upon amount. Taking advantage of her need and lack of other opportunities. CCDH quickly stepped in and assisted with counseling her, assisting her, and educating her about her rights as an employee. Teaching her the laws that are in place to protect her. They started the process to work towards a resolution to her case. The former employer tried to offer a severance that didn’t even come close to the amount owed from unpaid wages, correct severance pay and other requirements from the government. After a lot of work, dedication and running from the CCDH team,Below you can appreciate the moment when the promoter of CCDH with satisfaction is handing Tania the verdict passed by the judge stating that the former employer was required to pay in full the amount of unpaid wages and the full severance package. With that money, Tania is able to have the capital to start her own small business, to work and provide for the needs of her family, while looking for full time work. This was possible with the unconditional work and dedication of the CCDH staff in Matagalpa.



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