Introducing Ochomogo

Ochomogo is a rural community located approximately 90 kilometers southeast of Managua in the semi-arid tropical region of Nicaragua.  The terrain is extremely hilly with many outcroppings of rock which have deterred the building of roads throughout the community. The community is located on a dirt road, 6 km. from a paved road. Transportation is by foot, by landscapeox cart, or by horse; there is no public transport.  In the fry season it is possible to cross the river but during a normal rainy season, crossing would be difficult and dangerous.  There is a footbridge that is large enough for people and their bicycles. There is electricity but it is not reliable. There is cell phone reception.  The community has one primary school with 48 students and 3 teachers.  It also has a Catholic church; the evangelical church is a neighbouring community.  There is virtually no rainfall for seven months of the year.  When they are able, the farmers grow the traditional crops of beans, corn, rice and sorghum.  These are produced for their own use; there is little that is produced for commercial sales.  During the dry season the people and the animals suffer.girl

The community is well organized and is one of the communities involved with Fundación San Lucas. San Lucas works with them in the areas of health and sanitation, community development and food security.   Seventeen  years ago, Ochomogo constructed a gravity fed water system to supply water to 16 families, but the surface water spring on which it relied dried up 2 years ago and the families have been left without water since. The community has proven to work together, are supportive of each other and cooperate to share the water from the only 3 wells that currently have water. The Clean Water and Sanitation Committee is very proactive, and families are committed to supporting the project economically and with their skills, time, and other resources.  World Renew is excited to partner with the community of Ochomogo through Fundación San Lucas.


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